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by tellblom
30 Jul 2016 20:50
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Topic: Z-Way (Razberry) communicate with Openhab?
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Z-Way (Razberry) communicate with Openhab?

I need a way to communicate between Openhab and Z-Way.

The Openhab is a a different server so I can't use the Openhab addin.
Has anyone tried MQTT, can this be the way to go?

Anyone done this and can tell me how I should do?
by tellblom
30 Jul 2016 20:33
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Topic: [HowTo] improve Razberry signal strength (antenna upgrade)
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Re: [HowTo] improve Razberry signal strength (antenna upgrad

Just wan't to thank cyberhofi for the excellent guide. I ordered exactly the same components and did all the soldering and the range drasticly incresed. I have a garage door sensor and the Razberry was in the main house (15m apart, and two thick walls) and they could not communicate , I had to place...