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by cookie_lu
21 Sep 2016 11:27
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Topic: DHS Z-Wave Multi-Sensor (DHS-SNS-MS-DHS)
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DHS Z-Wave Multi-Sensor (DHS-SNS-MS-DHS)

Is the this device supported? I can pair it but can't get any notification from the sensor (eg. motion).

FYI: ... eview=read

I am using the Razberry with the following:
Firmware version v2.2.3
UI version 1.4.3
by cookie_lu
21 Sep 2016 04:22
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Topic: Problem with App UI (IfThen) rules
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Problem with App UI (IfThen) rules

I am having problem with the App. The IfThen rules added/deleted was not shown/updated in SmartHome UI/App/Active page until the raspberrypi was restarted/power cycle. The rules were immediately applied, just not updated on the screen. Is there something I can do/fix so it will update the Active pag...