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by babelmonk
24 Feb 2017 13:21
Forum: RaZberry
Topic: RPi 3 + RPi Touchscreen 7" + RaZberry2
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Re: RPi 3 + RPi Touchscreen 7" + RaZberry2

I have a RPi3 with the RPi 7" touchscreen. I want to connect the RaZberry2 to the RPi3 but the Touchscreen has alraedy the pins 2 and 6 in use for the power. Is it possible to connect the RaZberry to the RPi3 and the Touchscreen? Can I use the 'Second Open Connector'? Or do you recommend to power t...
by babelmonk
14 Feb 2017 14:33
Forum: Device specific
Topic: Issues with HRT4-ZW thermostat
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Issues with HRT4-ZW thermostat

I've had no end of problems getting the UI to play nicely with this 'stat. Using the API / an App to change the set temperature works OK - the device updates after the wakeup interval as I'd expect. However, in the UI, the value goes back and forth endlessly if I try to set it - and it's nearly impo...
by babelmonk
17 Dec 2016 14:44
Forum: RaZberry
Topic: Configuration not stored to device
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Re: Configuration not stored to device

_Thomas_ wrote:I have the impression there is something broken in this specific device. I have contacted Aeotec for support in this case. Will keep informed here.
I have exactly the same problem with this Siren. Any updates @_Thomas_?