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by andyson
29 Mar 2017 15:50
Forum: Official announcements
Topic: New version of Z-Cloud!
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Re: New version of Z-Cloud!

Bitte versuchen Sie es erneut.
by andyson
29 Mar 2017 15:47
Forum: Todo for the software
Topic: GUI & Z-Way on RaZberry & Themes
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Re: GUI & Z-Way on RaZberry & Themes

This new version have a lot of improvements and new features — the list is too long to present it. Below you can see description of major changes.
by andyson
29 Mar 2017 15:45
Forum: Official announcements
Topic: Z-Cloud with Raspberry
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Re: Z-Cloud with Raspberry

What bugs do you see with RaZberry? The backend is very stable right now. The UI will certainly be stripped to have only functional part (we will probably keep the map feature, but will not make it better, since the new UI will solve the problem).