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by Onanov
19 Apr 2018 17:48
Forum: Official announcements
Topic: issues
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Re: issues

Im getting the same - Backend server error - been like this for a number of weeks with Alexa not responding to commands. Any update on the fix for this?
by Onanov
04 Jan 2018 20:27
Forum: Device specific
Topic: Alexa device not responding issue
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Alexa device not responding issue

I have seen this on other more general threads, but I thought it would be worth starting a new on specifically about the issue. I have been using Alexa & zwave me for a while & until recently it worked very well. However over the last month or so, I am getting a lot of "The device is no...
by Onanov
15 Apr 2017 12:14
Forum: Discussions in English
Topic: Alexa (Virtual Assistants) and Zway
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Re: Alexa (Virtual Assistants) and Zway

This looks like a really interesting project. I have done a bit with Alex and Zway, including writing a skill to allow control via the command Alexa tell zway to .... using an adaption of a roku skill I found on github But yiou project looks much mor...