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by istler
25 Oct 2020 21:03
Forum: Discussions in English
Topic: MobileAppSupport:property 'logLevel' of undefined
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MobileAppSupport:property 'logLevel' of undefined

Hello, after a upgrade to version 3 I get this error message on boot: The following notification appeared in Your Z-Way System: Cannot instantiate module: MobileAppSupport: TypeError: Cannot read property 'logLevel' of undefined But on the modul is the property "logLevel" defined. /opt/z-w...
by istler
10 Sep 2020 23:59
Forum: RaZberry
Topic: Bootloader Upgrade
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Bootloader Upgrade

Hello, I try to upgrade my RaZberry: The controller info show me this: Hardware Vendor: RaZberry by Z-Wave.Me Vendors Product ID: 1024 / 2 Z-Wave Chip: ZW0500 Firmware Library Type: Static Controller SDK Version: 6.51.06 Serial API Version: 05.03 on the firmware upgrade page this bootloader is offer...
by istler
08 Oct 2017 22:34
Forum: Diskussion in Deutsch
Topic: Dimmer mit Schalter "togglen"
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Dimmer mit Schalter "togglen"

Hallo, ich habe einen Merten Schalter (5052xx), der leider nicht mit einem Z-Wave-Kontroller dimmen kann. Der Schalter sendet nur ein ON oder OFF. Ich möchte den Schalter mit einem Zwischenstecker Everspring AD1472 kombinieren. Das Schalter-Event OFF soll den Zwischenstecker ausschalten. Dies ist ke...
by istler
06 Oct 2017 02:38
Forum: Device specific
Topic: Merten Connect 505xxx/506xxx - Parameter Values
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Re: Merten Connect 505xxx/506xxx - Parameter Values

there are some news respective the Merten Switch?
I tested the v2.3.6, but there are no more function, only basicset.

Best Regards