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by jfngw
27 Oct 2018 18:20
Forum: Z-Uno
Topic: Are there any problems with using 12V DC with z-uno?
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Re: Are there any problems with using 12V DC with z-uno?

I used a L298N as it takes 12v in and has a 5v regulator to drive the z-uno. It's classed as a motor drive but as it is just supplying 12v dc I can't see what difference a solenoid would make, as long as it's within the current limit (2A). It actual has two independent 12V outputs but the 2A is the ...
by jfngw
14 Mar 2018 19:18
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What type of blinds, vertical, roller or venetian. They all have slightly different requirements for position control. I have a three z-uno controlling vertical blinds as I could not find any z-wave units available. if they are vertical you can have a copy of my code, it is a starting point. I used ...
by jfngw
02 Dec 2017 18:02
Forum: Z-Uno
Topic: Z-Uno not sending reports properly
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Re: Z-Uno not sending reports properly

I have had similar, but not exactly the same issue of the controller communication failing (HomeSeer). During a power cycle the initial setting would be sent and received, after that there would be no further communication, the getter function was called but the controller never seemed to receive th...
by jfngw
02 Nov 2017 00:08
Forum: Z-Uno
Topic: CFGParam Usage
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CFGParam Usage

I have been trying to work with zunoLoadCGGParam & zunoSaveCFGParam. I can only get zunoLoadCFGParam(param, ¶mValue) to load value correctly if paramValue variable is a global, if I make it local within a function it does not load correct value. I cannot get zunoSaveCFGParam(param, ¶mValue) ...
by jfngw
18 Oct 2017 01:17
Forum: Z-Uno
Topic: V2.1.0 no longer compiling
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V2.1.0 no longer compiling

I have been using V2.1.0 on Mint18.2 for around a month. Today it stopped compiling, generates following error using simpledimmer example. Removed all directories and reinstalled, no change, can't get a compilation. Arduino: 1.6.5 (Linux), Board: "Z-Wave>ME Z-Uno, Europe, Disabled, Disabled" /home/j...