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by ianakapilotlight
17 Sep 2019 23:49
Forum: Recipes
Topic: Z-uno all channels do not work with HC2
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Re: Z-uno all channels do not work with HC2

Hello, Did you solve this problem? I have a very similar problem. My Z-Uno had connected - 8 Binary switches operating an 8 channel relay board 2 Temperature sensors, Ranging -30 to + 30 1 Power meter 1 Lux sensor This was all working fine, I upgraded the firmware to 2.1.5 and now I am struggling to...
by ianakapilotlight
18 Nov 2017 13:10
Forum: Z-Uno
Topic: Unstable I2C communication
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Re: Unstable I2C communication


Does your code for the z-uno and arduino mega 2560 use all the available digitial & analogue pins on the mega 2560?