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by p_rhodan
27 Jan 2018 16:10
Forum: RaZberry
Topic: Ikea tradfri
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Re: Ikea tradfri

I’m interested,too!

Meanwhile someone has developed an IKEA TRÅDFRI Integration for Z-way?

by p_rhodan
21 Jan 2018 23:47
Forum: Discussions in English
Topic: Installation for zbw_new_user fail
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Installation for zbw_new_user fail

Hello, I'm trying to re-install the z-way Software on a Raspberry Pi3 (old SD card was defective, no backup). But I get an error message in the web Interface for Firmware update: _zboxid: Err(1.18.3): main.c: 501: The spawned process 'shell:cat /etc/zbw/userid' has exited with code 1 and says: �� Ra...