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by Junaid_224
09 Apr 2018 12:11
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Topic: Roadmap for 2.1.4
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Re: Roadmap for 2.1.4

please make the other interrupt also wake up when there is some sensor attached to the pin, ALSO give some example related to interrupt and go back to sleep after any interrupt occur. because I am having an issue and couldn't find anything until yet.
by Junaid_224
08 Apr 2018 11:13
Forum: Z-Uno
Topic: Interrupts example
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Re: Interrupts example

Hello , i am also having the same problem but when i get the value of the sensor the led still blinking and not going back to sleep and i have four sensor how can i manage that?
by Junaid_224
15 Mar 2018 12:03
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Topic: two door status in Fibaro gateway
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two door status in Fibaro gateway

Hello everyone I am having a problem when I want to add two sensors (with interrupt) and one switch although when I used one switch and one sensor the devices is working fine and showing everything but when I am adding another channel with the adding of the second sensor. Fist the gateway is not sho...