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by raja50
11 Feb 2019 16:24
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Topic: Z/IP Gateway LAN Communications
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Z/IP Gateway LAN Communications

Hello , Currently I am planning to connect my Z-Wave DEvices with Gateway(Beaglebone) As mentioned in all the Installation are done from the link (I HAVE ATTACHED MY PLAN IN THE SECOND fIGURE:) After building the do...
by raja50
27 Nov 2018 18:13
Forum: Discussions in English
Topic: Z-Wave DLL
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Z-Wave DLL

Hello, I am trying to call a Function from the Programm written in c# (Z-WaveDLL Programm) but I am receiving the Errors (ERROR: The type or namespace name'Framework' doesnot exist in the namespace 'Zensys' ). How can I remove the Error OR how can I get the ZensysFramework??. Any Help is highly appr...
by raja50
15 Nov 2018 10:11
Forum: Device specific
Topic: Writing C# in LabVIEW
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Writing C# in LabVIEW

Hello , I am currently working in one smart home project. I am thinking to use the code from Z-Wave devices written in c# to change some features of the devices(For eg: I want to know the battery status in every 5 sec or Temperature in every 5 sec) and at the end all the results in excel table. My p...