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by tma
28 Jul 2019 19:16
Forum: Official announcements
Topic: Z-Way v3.0.0 Release
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Re: Z-Way v3.0.0 Release

I have a Raspberry 3B booting Raspbian Jessie from an SSD disk. Booting from USB does not work correctly in Stretch and Buster versions. Is it possible to upgrade to version 3.0.0 from Raspbian Jessie without updating OS? - I have read that the problem is the lack of openssl 1.0.2 -> https://forum.z...
by tma
23 Dec 2018 22:59
Forum: Discussions in English
Topic: Alexa skill not available in Spain store
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Alexa skill not available in Spain store

Hi, the skill "Z-Way Smart Home" is not available on the Alexa Spanish store.

Could you publish the skill on the Alexa Spanish store?

Thank you.