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by viper384
18 Feb 2015 06:26
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Topic: Honeywell ZWSTAT TH8320ZW1049
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Re: Honeywell ZWSTAT TH8320ZW

I have the same issue as you with a CT100 running code Z-way v2.0.1-rc12. It only works in the old "blueui". I noticed when it was trying to set the temperature using the ExpertGUI it was using the wrong commandClass(67) when it should have used commandClass(64).
by viper384
18 Feb 2015 05:37
Forum: Device specific
Topic: CT100 Thermostat on Z-Way v2.0.1-rc12
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CT100 Thermostat on Z-Way v2.0.1-rc12

The intervue completes. However the device is only properly controllable through the old "blueui". When I use the new expert gui, or home automation it doesn't function correctly. For example in the expert GUI adjusting the temperature sents the Thermostat mode to Heat. I noticed in the log files th...