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by lademeister
14 Jun 2016 10:50
Forum: RaZberry
Topic: Z-Way to MQTT
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Re: Z-Way to MQTT

has anyone already done something like an ESP-8266 with mqtt and DHT-22 temperature/humidity sensor and using mqtt? I am just starting that project but right now i only managed to do it with http code device (to be exact I am testing and right now I have a ESP8266 with an relay and I am able to swit...
by lademeister
14 Jun 2016 10:38
Forum: RaZberry
Topic: Z-Way Tablet for iPad
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Re: Z-Way Tablet for iPad

cannot get z-way-tablet to work with 2.2.2-new-webserver. It worked like a charm with my previous install (somethong around 2.0), even remotely via 3g/UMTS. Now only the home control app on iphone works. I tried to change /etc/gai.conf (changing 10 to 100 in one line which should lower IP V6 prefere...
by lademeister
14 Jun 2016 10:32
Forum: Discussions in English
Topic: Error uploading image to rooms
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Re: Error uploading image to rooms

Doesn't work for me as well. 200x200 as jpg and gif and below 600kb with 2.2.2-new-webserver doesnt accept any image uploads, no matter what I try, where are the images stored on the raspberry and how do they have to be named? I would then just upload a file manually to the corresponding folder of t...
by lademeister
08 Apr 2016 15:40
Forum: Diskussion in Deutsch
Topic: Hilfe-Smarthome UI verliert devices
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Re: Hilfe-Smarthome UI verliert devices

Ich hatte das Problem auch, und zwar mit Raspberry Pi2 und RaZberry-Modul. Das RaZberry-Modul behält die z-wave-Geräte die inkludiert wurden in sich im eigenen Speicher, die gehen (bei mir) nicht verloren. Die z-way-server-UI jedoch verlor bei mir schon zwei oder drei mal alles was ich konfiguriert ...