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by jswim788
31 Oct 2016 20:38
Forum: RaZberry
Topic: Rasberry PI 3 supported?
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Re: Rasberry PI 3 supported?

Does the UZB have the same issue as the Razberry board with bluetooth? Can bluetooth be enabled on the Raspberry Pi 3 when using the UZB? Or will it also cause the UART issue?
by jswim788
12 Sep 2016 23:45
Forum: RaZberry
Topic: set up UZB on the Raspberry PI 3?
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set up UZB on the Raspberry PI 3?

How does one set up the UZB if it is plugged into the Raspberry PI 3? Does this script work? wget -q -O - | sudo bash If not, is there a similar script to use for the UZB on the Raspberry PI? Or a set of modifications for that script? I tried the above wget command and it ...