New Zniffer tool is avialable for tests!

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New Zniffer tool is avialable for tests!

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We are happy to announce the pre-release testing of our new Zniffer and Advanced Radio Tool!

What is Zniffer?

Zniffer is a Z-Wave sniffer that allows to trace Z-Wave packets in the air and decode them in a user friendly text.

Do I need a Zniffer

Everybody do! If you experience problems with your Z-Wave network, Zniffer is the way to diagnose them. Especially if your controller is not Z-Way where network diagnostics tools are included in the controller UI.

How do I get it?

Buy a RaZberry 7, RaZberry 7 Pro or Z-Uno 2 hardware, download the Advanced Radio Tool (A.R.T.) by Z-Wave.Me and purchase an additional license in the A.R.T. user interface.

More information here:

What can Zniffer do?
Zniffer and A.R.T. software are developed to help installers and end users do great installations. There are many features already available. More features will become available in future.
  • Inspect Z-Wave packets
  • Decode and analyze Z-Wave commands
  • Decrypt secure Z-Wave commands (Security S0 and S2)
  • Generate Z-Wave commands
  • Make on-site signal strength probes
  • Gather network statistics
  • Proble the network using multiple Zniffers
Some features are not finished, but will become available soon via software and firmware upgrades.

How to use it?
Please check the manual.

This is a paid feature and a license should be purchased to enable it. Normal price is 49 Euros for the PTI mode and 99 Euros for the full featured Modem mode.

During the beta test period we provide a 50% discount: 24 and 49 EUR Euros respectively. This promo period will last about a week only.

We value a lot your feedback. There are some bugs we have already noticed and will fix soon, but meanwhile you can already test it.
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