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One more update of Z-Cloud

Posted: 21 Jun 2012 13:54
by PoltoS
Dear Z-Cloud users,We have made one more update of our Z-Cloud service! Current theme is Security and OS X support.What's new:Secure devices are supported! Z-Wave AES encryption can be used with Z-Way as primary controller.Door lock are now supported. A very basic interface is available in Device control -> Door locks tab. User codes can be changed only through Expert Commands tab for now, but this will be changed in future releases.New Command Classes implemented: Security, DoorLock, UserCode.Z-Connector now works on Mac OS X too. Not compilation is needed anymore. Just open OSX folder, edit port name in file to something like cu.usbserial (depends on your Z-Wave stick) and execute it (it is good to run it in terminal to see what happens). Make sure to install USB driver first. Have fun with Z-Cloud!Some minor fixes fo US devices support.We are moving forward supporting more and more devices on the market.Make your living place better with Z-Cloud!