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433Mz Reciever (Vertical Blinds)

Posted: 13 Nov 2018 12:12
by Riv
Im currently working to automate our vertical blinds (both blade & blind movement) and have them set up for dual control, Zwave and wall mounted 433Mhz transmitter.
The system currently uses both an ZUno and Auduino, ZUno accepting Zwave commands using the Blind function then passing the information to the Auduino using the Tx/Rx pins for control with feedback to the Zuno once the blind/blade move has completed.
The Arduino is the main control processor and also has the 433Mhz Rxer attached for control via a wall mount 433Mhz transmitter.
I would like to port the Arduino code to the Zuno to remove a processor from the system, but cant get the "RCSwitch" library working, the problem being the micro() command in the RCSwitch code. Any ideas?