Z-UNO used on Axial server

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Z-UNO used on Axial server

Post by pabrad »

I was having difficulty including the z-UNO with Axial server. As a new person to the Z-Uno and Z-Wave in general, I think the Z-UNO documentation could be a little more explanatory. Questions and observations below:-

1 The Arduino IDE seems to have to be 1.6.5, is this the case, if so will an update be available to run it on current Arduino IDE's.?

2 Whilst I guess its logical now, I found the parameters selected in the Tools section of Arduimo for the Z-UNO only take effect in the Z-UNO afer a new Burn Bootloader command is performed. I suspect that the main issue in not being able to include, was that the Z-UNO by default is probably set to the Russian frequency.

3 Can you explain the difference between No security, S0 and S2.

4 Can you explain the function of Erase NVM.

5 Is the logging feature by the UART0 via the Arduino Serial monitor?

6 If logging by radio please can you explain how this operates?

Now I have the Z-UNO included I find it a great device.
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Re: Z-UNO used on Axial server

Post by PoltoS »

1. You can now used the most recent. 1.8.5 is ok.
2. Correct, you need to set EU. Strange, if you bought it in Europe, you should have EU by default
3. No security will send and accept plain packets. S0 is the security used from 2007 till now days. S2 is the new used from 2017. Not all controllers support security.
4. This is erasing all settings in Z-Uno
5. Yes. Or any other UART monitor.
6. Z-Uno is sending special Z-Wave reports. You can catch them in the controller. Check the controller logs or config params.

We will improve the manual to reflect those questions
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