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Re: Z-Way v3.0.0 Release

Posted: 27 Sep 2020 02:09
by PoltoS
Please send it to me in PM. Once we add you in upgrade group, you will get a proposal to upgrade on login

Re: Z-Way v3.0.0 Release

Posted: 11 Nov 2020 02:59
by Krooms
Guys, I appreciate your work but for almost a year, heating control isn't working.

Now this is the second winter, I can't control my heating as I might.

Temperature doesn't change as set in the time schedule. Sometimes it works, most of the time it doesn't.
In schedule settings I can choose half degrees (17.5 C for example) but temperature is saved as an integer (17 C in this example).

In settings for comfort and saving temperature I can choose 5°C as lowest temperature, in schedule settings 14°C is the lowest (for my garage 14°C is too high).

As I mentioned in this thread ( user settings does not show any user.
It is possible to access each user with it's ID (http://yourIP:8083/smarthome/#/admin/user/1 for first user) for changing permits or password, but deleting users isn't possible.

It's really frustrating, that with every new version of zway there are new problems or old problems aren't fixed.
I know, that there is no software without error, but this exhausting.

Is there any plan or roadmap (for fixing some problems), so we can see if there is hope for a working software in the near future or should we check some of the other options on the market?

Re: Z-Way v3.0.0 Release

Posted: 11 Nov 2020 04:13
by PoltoS

Thank you for your feedback! We have improved a lot the Heating app in the last v3.1.1. And we are continuing this work in v3.1.2 (soon). So hope we can solve all your issues. I pass your case to my colleague. He might come back to you with questions.

For the user list we need access to check it. Will not take long.

We are doing our best to provide you a stable and reliable software. Hope we solve your cases before you freeze ;)

Re: Z-Way v3.0.0 Release

Posted: 05 Dec 2020 01:02
by Rookee
Hello Forum!

Same problem here - my POPP hub is also stuck on one version for several years (v2.2.2-26).
It shows me that there is an update for 2.3.1 available but the update process ist not working.

Is there any chance to get this thing to work? I cannot send any pm's right now :)

Thank you in advance.

Re: Z-Way v3.0.0 Release

Posted: 05 Dec 2020 01:28
by Krooms
I‘ve solved ALL problems I had with Z-Way Software for the last years with one little trick!!!


Everything works as it should! Z-Wave Hardware (for example the eurotronics spirit) is recognized with all it‘s features. Z-Way software didn’t show me half of all the features (for example: temperature offset, flip display upside down, link it to an external thermostat, „window is open“-mode).

Other hardware (some plugs and roller shutter controls) is also working as it should and with all its features working.

Bye bye Z-Way! No regrets!