HA use case vs latency

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HA use case vs latency

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I gave a try to run HA integrated with z-wave.me which is hosted on other device in lan. Overall it is good to connect two worlds, but latency became noticeable in my setup. What is the use case for HA integration by design and in your setup?

Mine concept for setup so far is:
1. latency sensitive things like lights are done either via direct device association or using razberry where no networks hops needed to reach a z-wave controller
2. latency tolerant operations but standalone and low maintenance ones like heating control or scheduled lights are on razberry z-way as it is well done and stable
3. latency tolerant operations and dealing with a zoo of devices go to HA. HA is not much stable, but not a big deal here
4. monitors and analytics like energy consumption is elsewhere

In other words, there should be fast core simple things that never break, then things that 'just work in autopilot mode' with bit more nuanced logic, then "comfort thingies" like Plex or Hue scene etc and then monitoring/analytics. And i feel that HA is for comefort and maybe dashboarding, thus making HA-Zwave.me integration only occasionally used
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