New to z-wave what do I need

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New to z-wave what do I need

Post by t2tonesimone » 31 Dec 2012 22:55

I am new to Z-wave but am investigating the possibility of using it to control the heating in a home abroad. If I get Aeon z-wave usb stick and pc there do I also need a Z-wave controller hub or is that what the pc and z-wave cloud will then do? I'm not exactly sure. I need to be sure before I start spending lots of money on thermostats, timeclocks, trv's etc


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Yes, Z-Cloud will handle all

Post by jussiva » 31 Dec 2012 22:55

Yes, Z-Cloud will handle all z-wave devices in your home and yes PC is like controller hub. In fact, z-agent PC application will transfer all z-wave usb dongle (for example Aeon Z-wave usb stick) data to cloud and in cloud you can create different kind of schemes/schedulers/etc and finally cloud sends back z-wave data to usb dongle which control your z-wave devices like thermostats/relays. So all you need is PC(/small low-energy embedded computer, like raspberry), z-wave usb stick and controllable devices.

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