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Python Script

Post by marv01 » 08 Feb 2013 14:43

Hi guys,

I'm new user of the z-way. I'm running z-connector on my Ubuntu distribution for tests. Everything works really great. But I've one small issue with python script.

Could somebody tell me is it possible to make the python's action which will run shell command directly from my ubuntu machine ? I was trying os.system() but doesn't work for me.

I'm asking about this, because I would like to create action for playing music from my ubuntu. Is it possible at all ?

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No, there is no way to run

Post by PoltoS » 08 Feb 2013 14:43

No, there is no way to run programs on your PC, since the python software is running on Z-Cloud server side. But instead you can ask Z-Cloud to visit some URL, where the URL should be a web server on your router or home PC (with DNAT set up). This web server will do local actions. In recipes forum thread was a post with a description of python httplib usage ( ... ts-z-cloud). Some Z-Cloud users have alredy implemented this.

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