Decouple switch from relay

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Decouple switch from relay

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I have a Qubino flush 2 relays controlled by a Razberry with the latest Z-Way software. Everything works fine, but I want the controller to have more control on what happens on the module.

For example, if the switch I1 is toggled, I don't want the relay Q1 of the same module to be toggled; I want the relay Q2 of another module to be toggled. And Q1, I want to control it from some other module's switch. My move to Z-Wave is for being able to completely re-configure what switch controls what light without having to re-cable the house.
  • * Is it a limitation of this particular module?
    * Is it a limitation of Z-Wave?
    * Or is it a limitation of Z-Way?
I was expecting to be able to decouple the switch from the actual relay and control everything separately by software.

Thanks for your help.

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Re: Decouple switch from relay

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I strongly suspect it is a module limitation -- most consumer modules can't be configured to 'require' a controller to function.

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Re: Decouple switch from relay

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Z-Wave.Me modules do support this ;)

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