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Amazon Echo API key or equivalent

Posted: 22 Nov 2015 06:48
by jhmartin looks to be a very easy way to integrate ZWay and Amazon Echo, but the tool only supports sending one URL for each on/off -- incompatible with the current login mechanics. Is there a way to supply login credentials along with the GET to the API?

Alternatively, that tool already has Vera integration where it queries the list of objects and creates the on/off url; would be nifty it could be made to do the same for zway.

Re: API key or equivalent

Posted: 29 Nov 2015 01:46
by PoltoS
Yes, you can use HTTP Basic Auth or even make an anonymous user and allow him access without login/password.

Could you share with us Echo API? We are interested in making a special module for it by our forces,

Re: API key or equivalent

Posted: 30 Dec 2015 18:44
by libsysguy
I recently got this working via the http API for z-way using the docs found here: ... rted-guide

Just published my src here:

Re: API key or equivalent

Posted: 23 Dec 2016 13:39
by MadMAX
iam trying to run the alexa skill from libsysguy for the razberry but
i still get errors from the Lambda function.

Is there at the time a new skill i can use for alexa and a razberry board?

regards Max