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I uploaded a new version of my module.
The archive section show my new file and my new version (0.1.1 instead of 0.1.0)

The problem is in the description, it didn't update.
I try uploading a version 0.2.0 but no luck.

I try deleting the module and uploading my file to recreate the module but now it's worst: No module at all :-/

It was a module under development, I never asked for verification because it wasn't ready.
I tested the download using token and it worked great !

I wanted to test the "update" function on my Razberry but since the "header" don't update the version number, I wasn't able to try it.

What's next ? How can I recreate my module and continue my tests and development ?

Thanks !
Mario Gravel
Domotik Quebec
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