ZWay Room Images - Slow and buggy

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ZWay Room Images - Slow and buggy

Post by Aegis »

So Im writing a Z-Way client app for Android using the ZWay API. Its working well but one issue I've encountered is dealing with room images. There are currently two major headaches.

1 - Uploading any jpeg images using the smarthome UI room editor results in a corrupted JPEG image. This used to work on older Z-Way versions but after updating the firmware a while ago it just doesnt work anymore.

2 - Uploading any image lager than 300 x 300 basically results in an unusable experience. Image loading takes forever and bogs down the entire API. In 2017, a web server should not have any issues server high resolution images. A well optimized 1024 x 1024 JPEG can land at ~ 100kb.

Ive reported both issues on the Z-Way Github page, but no response yet. Anyone having the same issues?

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Re: ZWay Room Images - Slow and buggy

Post by paaland »

No news? Like it is today the room image function is useless. I've yet to successfully manage to add images to all my rooms. Most often only half or nothing is displayed. I think they are converted to byte arrays and stored as strings in json as everything else in zway. No wonder it does not like large images.

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