Functional preference for a two Razberry + Z-way system ?

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Functional preference for a two Razberry + Z-way system ?

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I have a house that is a bit troublesome for Z-wave transmissions. In one part of the house, there are large-ish areas of metal that prevents effective transmission of signals to the z-wave devices by them, if I use only one controller. Basically I can switch a dimmer on and off and set the level, but I will not be able to perform a full interview where it is installed, and firmware update is just out of the question.

I have been looking into switching to the very nice Razberry controller, and then have two of them (master and secondary controller) in order to get to the device from the other side of the troublesome barrier.

I was however also told that the Z-way software allows for linking two controllers on the software side, which also sounds very good. I was thinking that the I would then be able to get commands sent via the ethernet cables / outlets that I have on both sides of the "trouble barrier" and then circumvent the problems of Z-wave transmissions by use of ethernet.

Do anyone here have any insights or experience that they would like to share with me here with this kind of linked systems setups that I am thinking about here.

* Things to think about?
* Should I merge Z-wave networks and have two controllers? Does it add anything?
* Would would be the downside of only merging instances of the Z-way software?
* Should I merge them both?
- What would be the downside of that approach?



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