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Cannot login

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The SD card on my RPi crashed - so I had to reinstall z-way-server.

I've done that 5-6 times now - every time on a fresh and virgin Raspbian install: When the new instance comes up, I'm prompted to create a password for the admin user and are then allowed access to the UI (The webserver running at port 8083).

Everything works fine - until I log out: After that, I cannot log in again. z-way-server claims that the user or password is wrong. And neither does the lost password function work: I do get a mail - but it won't let me in.

How can I reinstall z-way-server and get up and running again?

I'm using the latest z-way-server install as of today (yesterday, to be honest) and a Debian Jessie image for my RPi from May 2017.
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