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No Events after Update to 2.3.5

Posted: 14 Sep 2017 12:34
by kandalf
Hello together,

after updating to version 2.3.5 i have a problem with the events from the devices.
I have no events from alle devices since updating the software.
Only the app solare altitude are listen in the events list.

Somebody woith the same problem? What can i do?

Re: No Events after Update to 2.3.5

Posted: 15 Sep 2017 22:53
by Spirit78

I have had this issue since 2.3.5 too. Tonight I saw it was a firmware upgrade in expert UI, soo I did. And now it seems to be working fine. Don´t forget to "sudo power off" and restart the pi. I didn´t at first and it looked like the hole thing had crasched. But a power cycle did it