Advice with IFTTT Webhooks and HTTP Device

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Advice with IFTTT Webhooks and HTTP Device

Post by Kositch »


I am total newbie in programming, so I would appreciate your thoroughful help with this problem:

I have 3x Wi-Fi MyDlink DCH-S160 flood sensors which supports IFTTT. I would like somehow to be able receive water detection status (simple on/off) to Dashboard on my server.

I did some research and I think it would be possible by using IFTTT Webhooks and HTTP Device.

My idea is to set action in IFTTT when water is detected, create post command using Webhooks service to some URL, I mean it would post just status change: ON. Then my HTTP device would read this status change and would change status in binary element to ON.

But I don't know how to do it, in Webhooks service on IFTTTT I need to fill in some URL (which?), method (POST/GET/PUSH), Content Type (plain, json...).

I would really appreciate some help with this.

Thanks a lot!

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Re: Advice with IFTTT Webhooks and HTTP Device

Post by Eagle »

Hi kostich,
this is only realizable, if your zway server got a dynamic domain. There a serveral free ddns providers.
Ifttt webhooks is not capable of saving cookies, wich you receive and need for authentication over zboxweb.
Once you got a dynamic domain, you will be able to use basic authentication in your post and get commands (just like sending them in your private network to a specific ip adress).

Without a dynamic domain your only able to send commands from zway to ifttt and not vice versa.

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Re: Advice with IFTTT Webhooks and HTTP Device

Post by PoltoS »

You can still do it using find service.

There is even an example of zcmd.php helper that can help to pass authentication.

You can use things like this from your Android using HTTP Shortcuts app.
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