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Outdoor Recessed Lighting Options?

Posted: 30 Aug 2018 20:46
by geoffrey
I'm building a project with outdoor recessed lighting connected to motion sensors, and i'm trying to decide between a few different ways of going about it, one of which is certainly z-wave. If knowing more about the project will help answer questions, I wrote it up here: ... n-with-pi/.

There seem to be outdoor z-wave motion sensors, but I'm not seeing anything like an outdoor recessed lighting fixture or outdoor recessed lighting bulb that supports z-wave -- does anyone know of any?

And if I can't find that, is there something that I can use to control, with z-wave, a traditional outdoor recessed lighting fixture? The z-wave site implies that relays can do that, although when I search for z-wave relays, I mostly see things that are meant to turn a traditional switch into a z-wave controller, which isn't what I'm looking for.