Razberry Image and UZB not working

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Razberry Image and UZB not working

Post by raspi-mech »

Hi all,

I just installed the Razberry Image provided by Z-Wave. The problem is, I can't connect to the internet, which normally should be straight forward. Neither Wifi, nor Ethernet is working.
Then I installed the classic Raspbian Image and after that installed the z-way-server using wget. It worked, but now I can't initialize the Z-Wave UZB Stick...
In the manual it is stated on p.14 I guess, that you have to pass the license key in the ExpertUI (there I'm constantly getting following error message: "Communication or binding error! Please login again or check system connectivity.") in the controller info. But there is no such window for registering or activating the UZB Stick.

Please help, I don't know what to do further...

Thanks in advance

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Re: Razberry Image and UZB not working

Post by PoltoS »

Can you show screenshots and logs? Quite hard to understand your problem

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Re: Razberry Image and UZB not working

Post by tiimbo »

go to apps, click on the cog for zwave network access, change serial port to /dev/ttyACM0, reboot

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