[2.3.8] Rules Transformation

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[2.3.8] Rules Transformation

Post by aLiEnHeAd »

I transformed my rules to the new automation style. But it seems the transformation does not work with nested logical rules:
The nested rule is shown as " Device not available ()" in the automation :cry:
So i tried
[...] transformation can be rolled back easily (using http://IP:8083/ZAutomation/api/v1/modul ... rm/reverse will remove the transformation flag from all modules)
And the server answered "200 OK". But it is not OK... All my logical rules are still deactivated and all the new automation rules are still there. But if I open the automation rule, the transformation popup appears again.
-> transform/reverse really only resets the transformation flag, but does not revert the transfomation itself

Conclusion: the new automation rules are great for newly created rules, but auto-transform does not work :x

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Re: [2.3.8] Rules Transformation

Post by wavedoff »

I cannot get any of the new rules or scenes systems to work. I'm just continuing to use the old system until it gets sorted out. (I've not gotten a response to my original thread on the subject so I've no idea when that will be.)

Just delete the transformed scenes/rules and re-enable the old ones.

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