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Razberry - Fibaro switch 2, guaranteed action issue on S2

Posted: 20 Nov 2018 22:58
by captador
Hello everyone,

I've recently expanded z-wave switches use to electrical heaters control and got one particular issue that i would like to check with you, experts.

I am using razberry 2.3.8 server on 3 B+ model (chip's SDK is 6.51.09) as main and only controller. FIbaro swtiches 2 (SDK 6.51.06) are securely included and fully interviewed. Load is about 3.25A which is under specs defined limits. Controller is 1 meter away from a switch.

However, on/off commands are not always in fact delivered despite UI status changes. I don't see a pattern when it doesn't work though.

Typically it happens in following way:
- I press a toggle at web UI
- it circulates about 3 seconds
- changes the state on UI level
- power consumption sensor value is not changing which indicates that actual switch didn't happen
- i press again the toggle
- sometimes it immediately gets status change back, sometimes not
- of following attempts gives the desired result

It is annoying and unreliable climate control if heaters are not switching on or off always when requested by virtual thermostat or per my request.

Where should i look into to get it working as reliably as unsecured lighting which i had no issues with so far in last 6 years.

Re: Razberry - Fibaro switch 2, guaranteed action issue on S2

Posted: 08 Dec 2018 23:32
by PoltoS
You need to check logs to see who to blame and where to check. If the command is delivered and reported, it is in the FGS-2*3. If it is not delivered, check why (in logs).

Currently I would make two assumptions:
1) UI is not currently updating (refresh it after clicking)
2) the relay do not switch off correctly because of a very inductive load

Re: Razberry - Fibaro switch 2, guaranteed action issue on S2

Posted: 04 Feb 2019 00:48
by captador
In general server log i see occasional records for those devicec like "CC Security: can not decrypt package due to nonce lookup problem" or "CC Security: Nonce Get was not ACKed yet", but success rate is quite big. Anything special i need to see in the logs, i didn't read the manual yet.

Meanwhile, i put a hack into virtual thermostat module to monitor power consumption metric and use it in condition for switch on/off.