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z-way + alexa: shows disabled devices

Posted: 08 Dec 2018 06:19
by asiobob
I have setup Alexa with z-way (steps below). My problem is Alexa finds ALL z-way elements - even the ones I have 'disabled' in z-way.
How can can I tell z-way to only send Alexa elements that are not disabled?

Also, this is how I enabled Alexa

- Installed "Alexa" app on the z-way (2.3.8) Pi
- Added the "Z-way smart home' skill to Alexa
- Searched for new devices in Alex - which finds all z-way elements included disabled devices

Re: z-way + alexa: shows disabled devices

Posted: 08 Dec 2018 06:58
by asiobob
I have since found the Speech Assistant part of z-way
- z-way Menu
- Devices
- Speech Assistant section
- Manage; then
- Settings icon

Here, no z-way elements were activated (however every z-way element, even disabled was activated in Alexa).
I found that if I 'added' a device from the available device list (in the above settings) then the setting would NOT be saved.
So this is a bug.

HOWEVER, I also did the following
1. Remove the Alexa app from z-way
2. Add the Alexa app back
3. Now I am able to 'add' devices to the Alexa Speech Assistant at it saves. Further, Alexa now only discovers the devices I added. Also, for each element setting screen in z-way there is a "Activate for Aamazon Alexa" which wasn't there before/

Now it work. Weird bug where the alex app didn't install properly!