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Z/IP Gateway LAN Communications

Posted: 11 Feb 2019 16:24
by raja50
Hello ,
Currently I am planning to connect my Z-Wave DEvices with Gateway(Beaglebone)

As mentioned in all the Installation are done from the link ... roller-kit


After building the documentation I habe downloaded the Z-Ware SDK 1.11 and Inside this file I have taken the source code from (Z-Ware SDK 1.11\src\zwportal\src\zwave\hcapi) and in the Visual Studio 2017 (Window 7) I have run the given programm zipctl. After running the program I have got the following Problems( Please refer to Fig:Error) .How to solve this problem/Error?
My Questions:

1) Am I in the right path to develop my Programm ?Is this the source Code which leads me to connect the Z-Wave devices with ZIPGateway(In My case Beaglebone Black)?

2) what are the steps to connect Gateway with my Programm? What specific Datei (middleware or somethings else .....) is needed so that I can call the functions of Z-Wave Devices in another Programming Language ?

3) How can I set the IP destination on gateway?

4) What exactly should I use from command class specification ... cification

this link gives me the users Guide , but I am unable to find the right datei/folders which should be Installed /used in the Project. Thank you for your Help .

Best Regards