Can't backup and restore

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Can't backup and restore

Post by temp »

I backuped my system tried to restore it but get this error

Upload or restore of backup has failed

How can I restore my backup????

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Re: Can't backup and restore

Post by micky1500 »

It failed for me
I had bios 5.32

I downgraded to Serial API Version: 5.23 and restore now works.
Raspi 4(Buster), Zwave Version 3.0.6 x It's not my fault... I am not z-way team, just a user of a great system.

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Re: Can't backup and restore

Post by PoltoS »

This will be fixed in next version.

Meanwhile you can workaround it doing IP:8083/ZWaveAPI/Run/"6.71.01"

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Re: Can't backup and restore

Post by ssvenn »

Thank you for the quick reply! That API url workaround worked and the next included device after restoring took the next free node id :)

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