Z-Wave controlled Relays

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Z-Wave controlled Relays

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Hi, I need to have a set of 6 relays dry contact controlled with a Z-wave controller. something like the product "Motor Control Trigger Module". This one has only three relays, but I could do what I want also using two modules of them. They used to be manufactured by Rollertrol: http://rollertrol.com/z-wave-blind-motor-control-part1g, but they don't do it anymore since months ago and they have just developed a much more complex module including Z-Wave, wifi, etc. etc. and also the motor controller itself.

I know that some other manufacturers used to have modules with two switches, but today they are not dry contact and the cost used to be too high for the use I want to. In my installation they don't need to support high power or intensity, I only need to detect if the relays are open or closed.

Do you know any current module that I could find to do what I want to do. If the price is not too high I wouldn't care to install more then one module in order to have the six relays.

One other thing, I am in Europe, so the Z-Wave frequency should be the European standard one.

Thanks and kind regards.

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