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Expert UI: language, timing info, security

Posted: 05 May 2019 18:27
by platypus

I’ve got some questions about the Expert UI:

1. language
When I change the language (Settings- --> Language) it doesn’t remember this setting at my next login. It’s always English again. Is it a bug?

2. timing info
Under network --> timing info the legend says:
black: “Controller was not able to reach the given node with 3 attempts and tried a different route that finally worked“
What does different route mean? I only have battery powered devices which can’t act as repeaters. The packet sniffer also shows that no hops are used.
Red: “The communication finally failed after some re-routing attempts”
The sensor’s data sent at wakeup was completely received by the controller. How did it determine that the communication has failed?

3. security
Under device --> type info I see orange open lock symbols of Z-Wave Plus devices. What does that mean?

4. Controller in Lifeline Association
Under configuration --> association there is a red warning sign with an exclamation mark next to the controller. Is something wrong with it? And sometimes it’s named (#1.0) Z-Way and sometimes (#1) Z-Way.

Re: Expert UI: language, timing info, security

Posted: 06 May 2019 16:42
by enbemokel
1. never tried ;-)
2. I think you should ignore it if you don´t have a route/repeater node in your network
3. This product was not included with security, sometimes there is different way to include secure. E.g.: press 2 times including button and not 1 time.
Also, it may not support security, even it´s zway plus
4. This is normal from my point of view.

Re: Expert UI: language, timing info, security

Posted: 08 May 2019 20:24
by platypus
Regarding my Aeotec Range Extender 6 you’re right. I had to push the button twice. Now it shows a green lock symbol too. But the manual of the Popp mold detectors, which support security v2, only names one way for inclusion: pushing the tamper button three times and it should automatically work in a secure mode if the central supports security. I’ll ask the manufacturer about that.

Re: Expert UI: language, timing info, security

Posted: 09 May 2019 16:17
by PoltoS
1. will check
2. this is a general message. if you have no rotes, just direct was tried
3. S0 is yellow, S2 is green, non securoty is red
4. This is legacy icon we have to remove once ;)

Re: Expert UI: language, timing info, security

Posted: 13 May 2019 22:18
by platypus
2. This means that the packets’ runtime is the only reliable information one can get from this page? Then I’d suggest to remove these colours and legend text because it seems misleading to me. The communication didn't fail and no routing was possible.

3. According to their manufacturer these sensors POPE701202 do support S2 security. But only S0 was applied during inclusion. What might have gone wrong?

Re: Expert UI: language, timing info, security

Posted: 19 May 2019 15:36
by PoltoS
2. The important is red VS green/black and the actual number to check delays

3. If you are on v2.3.8, it does not support S2. The v3.0,0 does