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Google mesh and zwave smart home compatibility

Posted: 14 Aug 2019 09:19
by mikebruce

This might be long but here is the gist of what I have set up:

Smarthings hub, google home, ge/Jasco light switches, Philips hue hub, Logitech harmony hub, yale real living touchscreen locks, sensative door sensors, aeotec motion detectors, Amcrest IP cameras outdoor 3MP. In addition a few tv's and gaming devices connect to network also. I am considering adding Google Mesh and was wondering about compatibility with my components. I remember reading in a forum on one of the devices I have set up (maybe the locks?) there were issues with mesh wifi. I am trying to fix spotty wifi connections. I am a sys admin and have torough knowledge of networks but not an expert on mesh and zwave.

Anyone have some insight? TIA.