Razberry on Raspberry Pi4

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Razberry on Raspberry Pi4

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Hi all,
how can I get z-way-server working on the new Raspberry Pi4? I can get it working on other software but not on z-way-server because the serial changed from /dev/ttyAMA0 to /dev/ttyS0 so I think I have to change the serial in the configuration of z-way?

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[2019-08-20 10:32:29.919] [D] [zway] Opened device: /dev/ttyAMA0
[2019-08-20 10:32:29.919] [D] [zway] Worker thread successfully created
[2019-08-20 10:32:29.919] [D] [zway] Worker thread entry point
[2019-08-20 10:32:29.919] [I] [zway] Adding job: Get controller info and supported function classes
[2019-08-20 10:32:29.929] [D] [zway] SENDING: ( 01 03 00 07 FB )
[2019-08-20 10:32:29.929] [C] [i/o] Serial port write error: (null)
[2019-08-20 10:32:29.929] [E] [zway] Failed to send packet: (null)
[2019-08-20 10:32:29.929] [D] [zway] Worker thread exit point
[2019-08-20 10:32:29.939] [D] [zway] Worker thread successfully finished
[2019-08-20 10:32:29.940] [I] [core] Restarting Z-Wave binding (zway)
[2019-08-20 10:32:29.940] [I] [core] Error: Binding with name ‘zway’ already exists
[2019-08-20 10:32:29.941] [I] [core] Trying to restart Z-Wave binding (zway) in 10 seconds
[2019-08-20 10:32:29.951] [I] [zway] SaveData will not save data since it wasn’t loaded. This is to prevent data loss.
[2019-08-20 10:32:29.951] [C] [zway] Get Serial API Capabilities returned zero.
[2019-08-20 10:32:29.960] [I] [core] Error: Bad data - communication failed
[2019-08-20 10:32:29.961] [I] [core] Tried 5 times without success. Stopping tries.
[2019-08-20 10:32:29.965] [I] [core] Notification: critical (z-wave): Cannot start Z-Wave binding: Error: Bad data - communication failed
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Re: Razberry on Raspberry Pi4

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This parameter is configured here.
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