FGRM-222 shown as deep sleep

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FGRM-222 shown as deep sleep

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Hi guys,

since 3 years i have 15 x FGRM-222 installed and working. since 2 weeks one of them doesnt work anymore. in z-way - expert - configuration - interview windows it is marked as "deep sleep" and without any command class (just basic). it is disappeard from the controll window in expert ui and smarthome UI. at the devices - status window it is marked as battery device. BUT it is a wired FGRM-222
call for nif is without result. also the interview.
what can i do? is it broken?


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Re: FGRM-222 shown as deep sleep

Post by PoltoS »

The log should reveal when and why Z-Way suddenly decided it is a battery device and cleared all interview results. There was certainly a reason for this. Please search all about devices.XX where XX is the node ID

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