Problems with 3.0

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Problems with 3.0

Post by kpanchen » 13 Sep 2019 03:02

I've updated to 3.0 few months ago and everything was running very smooth, no crashes, very fast and responsive. Few days ago stopped working and now it seems like it is back however something happened to the controller. I always have z-wave jobs queue in red, always about 20 jobs there or more, half jobs not finished, sensors not reaching controller and automation doesn't work in most cases. Also after reboot some devices saying "Interview is not complete" and "Force interview" create 20 additional jobs but not doing interview, manual itemized interviews will finish some but not all. Will look at the log later today but not sure what to look for.

Anybody else experience this? Any ideas what to do?

Upd: Don't know what it was but after one crazy day everything went back to normal, not sure what could be the cause ... wonder if it can be external like somebodies trying to hack z-wave network?

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Re: Problems with 3.0

Post by PoltoS » 16 Sep 2019 23:25 can not be related with problems you experience

the other has to be analysed looking in the queue list and logs

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