Some questions about UZB

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Some questions about UZB

Post by antonio_sen »

Hi, I am the owner of a UZB EU version, with firmware 5.25. I have some questions regarding this model:

1) Is it possible to save the internal network configuration to a file in order to restore later if some nodes have dissaparead?

2) I am experiencing some issues with Open-Z-Wave. The system itself sometimes delete nodes with no apparent cause. Is this issue related to this controller or to the OpenZWave system?

Thanks in advance
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Re: Some questions about UZB

Post by enbemokel »


1) Yes this is possible, but don´t know if this helps with disappeared nodes.
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Re: Some questions about UZB

Post by PoltoS »

Only logs can reveal the truth, but we don't really know how to interpret logs of OZW.
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