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Need a help

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The above app does not work properly. Developer is Z-Way itself. Therefore, ask here in the forum for experience.
Concrete problem: 2 motion sensors and the "Light Sensor" configured with Threshold. Under "Light Threshold" = xy, the sensors should turn on the light, not over it.

With the internal brightness sensors and also with the "Solar Altitude" of the Astromdul, the light is on in the morning at the first triggering, although "Light Threshold" is not in the TARGET window but outside ... At the next triggering of the motion sensors then the system behaves correctly again. When using the internal brightness sensors of the motion / multiple sensors, I had the same problem in the evening.

My guess is that the APP does not promptly read the brightness sensors the first time the motion sensors are triggered? And then works with an old value in memory?

In any case, in the Razberry / Z-Way server log, the entries of the brightness sensors are all in there and should have been available.Does anyone have a hint how to get ahead?


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