JS Debugging - Node inspector

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JS Debugging - Node inspector

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I have tried to install the node debugging (for programming a new module) but no success.
Tried different node version installations and different inspector versions - with different errors in result.

In most cases the inspector installation failed (as sample missing debugger, which cannot be installed).
And I have found the notice that inspector does not work with Node versions >8.x
As sample if inspector was starting he crashed after remote connection with

Code: Select all

Visit to start debugging.
      done(err, JSON.parse(result.value));
TypeError: Cannot read property 'value' of undefined
So my question - How to install the Node Inspector for the current Z-Way version (3.0.0) ?
I remember that it was working some time ago, have installed it in 2016 about ;)

Is there a step-by-step instruction with the right steps, what to install? And - install as root or pi with sudo - is there any difference?
I'm sure that some users are using it today, so I hope that somebody can help ;)

(BTW: the old posts here did not help, maybe they are outdated)

Configuraton should be: Z-Way and inspector at same machine and debugging with Chrome from Windows PC.


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