RaZberry on a Lattepanda Delta?

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RaZberry on a Lattepanda Delta?

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i know its a stupid question but maybe knows anyone if it possible to use the RaZberry-platine on a Lattepanda Delta?

Lattepanda Delta: https://www.dfrobot.com/product-1897.html

The reason that i ask i use at moment 2 Rasperry 3 for my SmartHome stuff because only one is to slow, so i buyed a Lattapanda Delta. And now im think about to move all my Stuff /Services on it... it worksfine for all other than Zwave because im not that skilled in Electronics so i dont want just try the RaZberry on the Lattepanda to prevent damaging it.

The Lattepanda has 2x 50 Pin and a Arduino Co-CPU.

"GPIO & Other Features:2x 50p GPIOs including I2C, I2S, USB, TTL, UART, RTC,Power Management,Extendable power button,everything you need"

Or it is possible to use a "Aeotec AEOEZW090-C Aeon Labs USB Stick" frist as Secondy Controler and than switch them as Maincontroler and Disable the RaZberry? Respectively is the Zwave.me software support the "Aeotec Stick" in anyway?

Thanks for any help

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