3 speed fan control

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3 speed fan control

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so i know im new with this whole z wave stuff, i have been having trouble figuring out how to do a 3 speed fan control with a switch in the field

so far im thinking of using 3 relays for high med and low and having that change the speed just after the switch which will be low voltage dc

my concern is that if i change it through google home or the fibaro app will it try and turn 2 outputs on at the same time?

is there a way to have it regonise a contanst switch as a momentary one?

any help will be great

thanks :D :D :D

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Re: 3 speed fan control

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How powerful is the fan?
The simplest way would be with a dimmer, capable to control inductive loads (motors).
The problem is most dimmers are not designed to control inductive loads, or they are capable to control only a fraction of the power compared to the usually marketed restive load. You have to carefully read the specification.

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Re: 3 speed fan control

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I used Fan Coil Thermostat - Heltun

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