"Missing" battery devices

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"Missing" battery devices

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I probably died the SD card last night. After a new installation (and upgrade from a Pi2 to Pi3 and v3.0.0) I somehow can't bake it that it integrates my battery operated devices (Fibaro smoke detector, Aeotec wallmote and Popp 4-fold wall switch) cleanly again. I had a backup (it was a bit older, but in the meantime there were no changes on my side anyway).

After importing, all devices were generally available, but all with generic names such as BatteryDevice _10. That was also true for the mains powered devices, but after a while I was able to reread them all. A Danfoss thermostat could also be integrated cleanly. Only I absolutely can't get the other devices back in.

I actually want to avoid completely new integration, because then all the functions like timers and all of them probably go wrong ....
Does anyone have an idea?
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